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Buying Guide to Young Driver Insurance

A young driver is generally considered someone between the age of 18 and 24.

If you are occasionally driving your parent's car, by far the cheapest way to get insurance is to become a named driver on your parent's car insurance. However, do not lie to the insurance company if you in fact do have your own car and need insurance.

Insurance companies rely on the fact that young drivers are not experienced shoppers and quotes from one company to another vary greatly. You simply must shop around. This is going to take time. We would advise getting at least 3 quotes. One we would recommend from the insurance company of your parents, the second from a major brand (e.g. Direct Line) and the third from a company that actively advertises for young drivers and welcomes them (e.g. Endsleigh). Endsleigh is also one of a number of companies that offer discounts or approx 20% to people graduating from university.

You should also try out a comparison engine like GoCompare, MoneySupermarket or BeatThatQuote to name but a few.

A sensible car is the only option.

The bad news is unless you are very wealthy; you are going to have to compromise on the type of car you drive. The insurance companies will either refuse to insure you or charge a premium that makes it crazy to own a performance car or even a hot hatch like a Focus ST. You must make sure that you can afford to insure the car you want before you buy it! Buy small engine, simple cars like a Polo 1.0 or a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 -- we know what you are thinking -- not cool, but you can always change in a couple of years.

Do not modify or customise your car -- this just says you are a racer and any such modifications will turbo charge your premiums.

Once you are insured you simply have to be sensible and do not have an accident. If our business we are regularly contacted by young drivers who have had an accident, sometimes two and it is now virtually impossible for them to get insurance. This may not be a problem immediately, but when it comes to getting a job, especially if you live in a rural area; it is going to become a real problem. So when you do get a car, drive slow and safe.

New developments that could save you money

A motorway, night and city driving Pass Plus course from the Driving Standards Agency could save you up to 30% on your premium.

Trackers have recently become popular. These black boxes track you cars movements save you money if you do not drive when most accidents occur, for example at night or if you do not drive a lot of miles.

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