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Our Privacy Policy – in simple words

What information so we gather?
We collect no personal information about you we are not interested in you as an individual.
We do gather information as to what you do on our site. For example, the pages you look at, how long you stay on these pages and what else you look at while on our site.
However, we do not use this information in its single form it is used as a form of statistical analysis. We add this to the activity of all our website users and visitors and look at trends and patterns. This way we can work out what parts of the site are popular. What areas people like. What reviews and user guides people find of value. This then in turns helps us to improve what we are doing and advise our experts in each area which areas of the site people are using.

How do we gather this information?
We gather this information indirectly using website technology that tracks what is happening on the server.

Third party websites
Please note that because we are funded by advertising that this website does contain links to other websites in the form of advertising. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third party websites; however we do only work with very reputable advertising platforms.

Cookies from third party advertisers
As well as writing articles for our website ourselves we also pay experts to contribute to specific areas. We fund this through advertising. Most of the advertising that you will see on our website will be through third parties. These 3rd party companies may generate their own cookie that will enable them, for example, to see how many people view a particular advert. Like ourselves this information is not used to identify you as an individual person it is used to monitor trends and patterns to enable the advertisers to gauge how well the advertising is performing on different websites.

A cookie is a just a small data file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies must comply with the data protection act and are usually temporary. This means that they expire within a set time period of hours or days.

Updating our Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is dated June 2012. We reserve the right to change this policy going forward. If you are a regular user of our website please check back occasionally for any amendments or updates to this policy.