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Plumbers' insurance

The fact that most private water suppliers tend to steer well clear of the pipework of their customers shows the level of risk taken by plumbers in their day to day work. The smallest of slip ups can result in thousands of pounds of damage, leaving you having to deal with a big compensation claim.

Not only that, but if you employ any staff - even on a part-time basis - it's a legal requirement that you have some cover in the event of a workplace accident (where there is heavy-lifting and slippery surfaces involved, this can't be overlooked).

What plumbers' insurance can cover:

Public liability

This means protection against claims made by your clientelle resulting from damage in their homes, and is the most important type of cover you can get. Without it, you could be left seriously out of pocket in the event one of your jobs goes wrong.

Loss of earnings

There may be periods where your revenue takes a hit due to court proceedings after a mishap (or worse yet, if you suffer an injury on the job). The best insurance packages will ensure you get a nominal payment throughout, with many even prepared to reimburse you if you are enlisted for jury service.


Serious damage to your work tools or even your van could leave you in a sticky patch - that's why it's important to get some comprehensive insurance cover that ensures you can replace them in good time.

Best providers


Hiscox's public liability cover has been recognised as one of the UK's leading insurers for small businesses, and - with some very generous pay out rates - is ideal for those who specialise in risky trades like plumbing.

More Than

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, More Than offer public liability packages from £10 a month, as well as some generous customer service during the initial set up period.

Trade Direct

As the name would suggest, Trade Direct specialise in covering trade and construction customers against compensation claims. If you're looking to switch providers, they're definitely worth chasing for a quote.

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