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Your Guide To Boiler Insurance

If your want to free yourself off the fear of losing heating or hot water, the way to go is to get a boiler insurance. Having a boiler insurance policy means your boiler and central heating will get checked regularly and in the event of a b>break down, someone will come and help.

It’s very likely that your energy supplier has already included this in their offer to you. But if not, you should compare prices to get the right deal for you.

Why Do You Need Boiler Insurance?

When shopping around, look out for the two most important factors: what’s included and price. Your boiler insurance premium will vary depending on type of boiler system you have and its age.

Note that only homeowners need to consider boiler insurance. If you rent, it's not your responsibility.

Which Boiler Insurance Is Right For Me?

Generally, there are 3 levels of boiler insurance: boiler only cover, boiler & central heating cover and Boiler, central heating, plumbing & wiring cover. Choose the level of cover according to your needs and your budget. Don't pay for something you don't need.

What’s Included?

As standard, a decent boiler insurance policy should include at least the following:

* Annual service of your boiler

* Repairs to your boiler – call-outs, repairs, parts and labour included

* Unlimited number of call-outs and claims per year

Top Tips

1. Make sure your policy has a 24-hour, 365-day helpline for urgent heating or hot water problems;

2. Make sure there’s no cap on the amount you can receive per claim;

3. Try to go for a policy that includes an annual gas safety check – minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!;

4. Read the small print: some boiler insurance plans will only cover a boiler below a certain age when the cover is bought, while others will only cover most popular makes of boilers.

Boiler Insurance Suppliers

Always shop around as there's a lot of variation in prices and services for boiler insurance. Before you take out a policy, compare cover through websites such as Moneysupermarket, Energyhelpline and uSwitch; alternatively, quote directly with a boiler insurance supplier.

Boiler & controls breakdown cover by British gas costs as low as £4/mth and features inclusive parts and labour, unlimited call outs per contract year, 24/7 manned helpline

HomeServe’s Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover is priced at £6.50/mth with £50 excess. There is no claims limit and no limit to the number of claims provided the boiler is not beyond economical repair. Unlike other boiler protection policies, an annual service is not included within the premium.

Npower's Boiler Care Flexi costs £9.95/mth for the first year. It includes an annual boiler service & safety check, unlimited call-outs and repairs (£50 excess/call which is relatively standard) and a UK based 24 hour helpline. This is open to anyone, including non-Npower customers.

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